Fuel for Innovation understands what it takes to innovate in complex, public service organisations. Our knowledge is based on the reality of how innovation actually happens.


Our ambition is to transform the very fabric of public services in the UK by liberating the latent talent of in-house social entrepreneurs, fundamentally altering organisational DNA.

What we do…


At a time of stringent public service cutbacks, innovation is not a bolt-on extra but an essential business driver. More has to be achieved for less, without damaging front line services.


Fuel for Innovation offers a route map that helps public service leaders navigate between the logic of day-to-day, operational management and the logic of innovation.


We take a whole systems approach. Our theory of innovation is coherent and has emerged from an in-depth understanding of the complex, contextual mix of activities and events that produce ideas for change that work.



Fuel for Innovation is based upon the vision and experience of its Chief Executive, Ann Porter. As an innovator, Ann is considered to be ahead of her time.


She has pioneered architectural innovations by integrating entrepreneurialism and bureaucracy, resulting in cost efficiencies and competitive advantage for major public service organisations.


As a cross boundary innovator, Ann navigates easily between the financial bottom line and social impact.


‘Ann Porter has entrepreneurial spirit combined with sound, practical common sense.’


Professor Davinder Sandhu, Dean Director,
Severn Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education


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